Journey Thru Grief
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Chat Center/Message Board

Journey Thru Grief has opened a "Chat Center" for those who wish to join others and just chat. Please remember, this chat room is for people who are grieving and need the support. Hearts are tender so please be kind and offer your support to those who need it. The "Chat Center" is open for all who want to use it except at times when specific topics are scheduled. Please check the "Chat Center" schedule. If the "Chat Center" becomes heavily used, additional rooms may be added.

In addition to the Chat Center, the Message Board access has been moved to share this page. This is an all NEW Message Board.

All NEW Java Chat

Personal Note: I hope this will work for AOL users.

You must have a Java enabled browser such as the latest Internet Explorer or Netscape. This should also work for AOL and MAC users.  All you have to do is click on the picture below and it will take you directly to the chat room. 

Click Here to Enter Java Chat Directly

Chat Center Schedule 

At the request of several of my widow and widower friends, the Journey Thru Grief Chat room will be open every Friday and Saturday evening, starting at 8 PM EST to help ease the loneliness of the weekends. You are welcome to join us.

I highly recommend the Grief Recovery chat at GROWW. You can find a link to GROWW in Favorite Links. 

If anyone would be interested in hosting a chat session,

Send Message to Webmistress

Message Board

Enter ALL NEW Message Board Here


Java Chat Tutorial

Tutorial about mIRC Basics

For mIRC and WebTV Users

For mIRC Users:

If you have mIRC, you may access us by connecting to any of the following Servers:(choose any one of these - most should already be in your system just scroll down on your Description box and they should all be there - if they are you simply need to click one and the ports and addresses should already be set for you - just enter the roomname when the Channel Box pops up)

Ports: 6667-6669,7000

Roomname: #griefjourney

For WebTV Users:
WebTV Users have two choices. If you would like to go directly into the chat room, click on the following link.
To have the benefit of more chatting options, connect thru the following website. You will need to enter #griefjourney as the chat room you want in.
I do not have WebTV and I don't understand how the chat rooms function. If you have any problems getting into the chat room, please got to #sarchat and the administrators will be glad to assist you.
You may also use your regular chat program that came with your WebTV. Here is the instructions for connecting:

To connect to StarChat via WebTV, you must do the following if you choose to use the IRC software provided by WebTV:

  1. Return to the WebTV home page
  2. Select Community
  3. Select Chat
  4. Select Go to
  5. Enter the following:
    Server Address:
    Port Number: 7000
    Channel (Room) Name: griefjourney
  6. Select Connect


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